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5 Reasons to Buy DIA from Agile Solutions Provider

Updated: May 14, 2021

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) consists of an always-on, uncontended connection to the public internet, and is the most basic IP service available to Enterprises and Large Organisations. Businesses seeking DIA options can choose among a variety of internet service providers of different size and scale. The industry informally categorizes providers into tiers, with Tier 1 networks having the size, global reach, and traffic volumes to access the rest of the internet through settlement-free arrangements with their peers of equal size or value.

There are only a few Tier 1 internet service providers, and their networks comprise the spine of the global internet. Agile Solutions Provider is a Tier 1 IP Transit Aggregator, and allows us to provide IP Transit services on a regional or national level and essentially filling out the scale and reach of the internet.

Let’s take a look at the key reasons why it makes both commercial and technical sense for Enterprises and Large Organisations to use a Tier 1 Aggregator for their DIA requirements across a vastly interconnected global footprint.

Tier 1 providers offer advantages that smaller competitors simply can’t match.

1. Highly Available Service

Internet connectivity from your current location to the rest of the world. We have data centre presence in South Africa and other African countries. Your organisation needs 99.999% Internet connectivity uptime, low latency to AWS and Azure, and great service.

2. Competitive Pricing Matters

A Tier 1 Aggregators global footprint offers a distinct advantage when it comes to providing DIA services to an enterprise across multiple regions because it allows the enterprise to scale in growth. This makes purchasing from a Tier 1 Aggregator surprisingly cost-effective. In addition, many enterprises prefer to source DIA bundled with other components of an end-to-end solution, such as SD-WAN.

3. Aggregate Bandwidth Across Sites

A Tier 1 Aggregator can pool bandwidth across its clients' disparate sites due to its vast network footprint. This greatly benefits enterprises, which no longer need to right-size every individual site’s bandwidth needs and procure a committed bandwidth per site.

4. Greater Control of Traffic

Clients are looking for service providers that can guarantee direct, low latency access to their top destinations at the local and global level.

5. Best route for your Organisation

Agile Solutions Provider is an aggregator of Tier 1 IP Transit in South Africa. This means we can provide you with direct DIA from multiple providers and blend it to create an ultra-low latency and highly resilient, multi-homed service.


Being a Tier 1 IP Transit Aggregator, means we save you money and time on your DIA solutions.


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